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The journey began like many others, but with experience on hand, many ideas, much inspiration and above all to see that smile after tasting… created his own line with one outlet established in 2003 by our Master Chef, Mr. Anthony experienced of over 20 years & above came up with a thought to be the best tasting best feeling pastry shop that all will come asking for more.

He envisioned it, he created it and all our Customers who tasted it said “why don’t you set up an outlet close to my house” the demand grew to cater for more and the Family joined the business as this being their delicious destiny to enhance, strengthen the Operations and to say “we care for your good taste” always we continue to delight our Customers with the essence of our pastry master piece.

Amma's pastries has been an icon in Bengaluru City for a decade & more  now and 22 outlets  in all corners of the city… whilst the style of making has evolved and progressed, receiving many accolades along the way, featured in Times of India, Vijaya Times, Deccan herald, and also featured on TV9… the fundamental backbone of AMMAs pastries still remains unchanged. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ftCbOidDT4w  watch video

Impeccable seasonal ingredients are baked accurately and brought together on the plate in a harmonious, elegant, yet satisfying manner…we bake pastries fresh everyday so that we can offer you that magic as and when you need them, always remember “We care for your good taste”

Our vision is to make our customers feel the heights of contentment with our world class practices on Design, Taste & hygiene factor of our bakery products. 

Ingredients used at our bakeries are Quality dearly and highly skilled and experienced Chefs to work the aesthetic influences on taste after eating them will go back making splendid taste statements!!

Cuddle in, surprise, hit to the town, outgoing to all, loyal friend, sings in the shower, enjoys the sun , devious by nature but innocent at heart, sassy sweet creating various mood in our minds with our fine products of Galaxy cakes, Chocolate mousse, French pastries, mango mousse, Tiramisu, triple Queen, pineapple tidbits, Chocolate truffle, Cup cakes, choco chilz, blue berry.. exquisite handcrafted chocolates and many more .... visit our closest locations to discover the remarkable taste of our products

CUSTOMER CARE: 95906 07750 (call for orders, General Enquiry & Feedback)

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